Ergo Sum Foundation

Warsaw, Poland

About Us

The Ergo Sum Foundation started its activity in 2013 with the aim of providing help for young people with autism, who often drop out of education too early without having solutions to their further support, learning and preparation for work. The Ergo Sum Foundation would like to create an environment, a safe “atmosphere” for the young people with autism, where they can complete their studies, gain new knowledge and prepare themselves for work and an independent life. In this environment and community the young people become familiar with not only the knowledge considered as classical, but they can also learn skills helping them to orient themselves in society, build social relationships and even start an independent life.


Besides all these, the Foundation also offers psychological and legal support for those who apply. Currently, they provide help for 26 families where any of the members living with autism.

In order to provide social inclusion and equal opportunities for people with autism, they also give trainings to the interested organizations, teachers, therapists and they also do their best to help other disadvantaged groups in society, such as the homeless, the refugees or people in acute crisis. Therefore they raise funds both offline as material donations and online via the website:


In 2016 they also launched a special initiative, a Club Café, “Zycie jest fajne” (“The life is good”), where only employees with autism work, hoping that this place is an ideal environment for them to develop their talents to the full. The tasks for the employees can be considered both as a therapy and as a valuable work as well.

But the café would not only like to employ and cater for people with disabilities, but it is also open to the local community and they welcome anyone who would like to organize an event here, whatever the occasion. The aim of the café is that each of its guests, including the refugees, the people with mental crisis, the homeless or the members of LGBT+ community considers the place as a safe environment. By creating these conditions, they are hoping to establish an environment, where everyone can feel that their life, their goals, their skills are important and valuable.