Bubamara Association

Vinkovci, Croatia

About Us

The Association was founded in 1984 in a small town, in Vinkovci. It is aimed at providing equal opportunities for the children and adults with disabilities.  The team has nearly 1500 members and works with 450 colleagues, 20 of whom are specialized in EU projects.

The Association welcomes people with disabilities from a particularly wide range, whether they have intellectual or physical disability. The organization offers them high quality services, thus it can improve standards of the local social opportunities. The Bubamara Association has grown into an important organization in the field of mental health and health care in the region, and it focuses on protecting the rights of people with disabilities.

Their special restaurant, called Buba Bar, was opened in 2020 and employs only workers with disabilities, with special attention to people with Down syndrome. The bar is perfectly accessible and provides a great place for boosting the local community life. Its special feature is the bowling opportunity which can be very popular among all the visitors.